Complete repertoire

Composer(s) Title Instrumentation

Helena Tulve

Öö 1997 for saxophone quartet
From left to right 2019 Alto, guitar, keyboards (piano, harmonium), percussion, saxophone (alto and soprano).
Kwartet 1987 Saxophone quartet

Peter van Onna

The Gravity of D
At play 2017 Saxophone quartet and video
31 anatomie notturne 1998 for four alto saxophones
Pulau Dewata 1977 for saxophone quartet (transcription : Walter Boudreau)

Giel Vleggar

In transit Saxophone quartet and two percussionists

Yassen Vodenitcharov

Golden Drops I 1998 Saxophone quartet

Yassen Vodenitcharov

Silver Drops III
waxic 2017 Saxophone quartet (SATB)
The thick present 2017 Saxophone quartet and video
Breathing Room 2019-

Phil Woods

Three Improvisation for sax quartet
XAS 1987 Saxophone quartet

Justin Yang

Alien Orifice
The Black Page 1976 saxophone quartet version
Zomby Woof 1984 Saxophone quartet version : Walter Boudreau
Zoomby Woof 1973
Electroshocks 2003 for eight saxophones (SSAATTBB) and tape