Culture and identities

Round table


Hosted by Francis Battah

Under the theme of identity and culture, we will question whether there is contemporary music that is specifically Quebecois or Basque. If so, how does one identify the common denominator of a given culture?

Written music may not necessarily be influenced by our background, our origins, our roots. Many composers don't consider themselves to be writing national music. Others claim transnational identities (LGBTQ, etc.). How do these various approaches coexist in a given territory?

Does traditional music and folklore have a place in contemporary music creation? Is their integration necessarily a cliché? Finally, for various reasons, the manifestation or emancipation of a culture can involve political engagement. Can contemporary music be the bearer of such engagement? And can it be distinguished from neutral or apolitical music?

With the participation of:
Bertrand Dubedout
Miguel Matamoro
Émilie Girard-Charest
Alexis Chartrand
Francis Battah

Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur

100 Sherbrooke St. E
Montreal QC

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