Quasar-Chestra II


Poster Quasar-Chestra II

Quasar opens its 25th anniversary season with a concert welcoming for the first time in Montreal the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year! The musicians will present pieces for 8 saxophones celebrating the richness and innovation of Quebec and Swedish composers. For the opening, 8 students from the Schulich School of Music will team up with Quasar and the SSQ to present Sax Organ, by composer Dawn Hatfield.

Quasar-Chestra represents the saxophone in all its forms, in all its glory. In a quartet, with eight, with sixteen players!, Quasar and their guests will make the Gesù amphitheater shake, resounding with surprising and moving works, propelling the saxophone right to the heart of contemporary music action.

Come and attend the 10th edition of Fiery Encounters, a round table around the theme, "Should we renew the concert format? For whom? Why? How?". The Encounter will take place at the Espace Custeau du Gesù, from 3:00 pm.

The concert will be presented the day after Saxophone Day. The Schulich School of Music at McGill University, in partnership with Quasar and the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, is presenting a day dedicated to saxophonist students of all levels, who will have access to master classes, workshops and concerts. All with the generous participation of Twigg, Vandoren and Buffet Crampon.

With the participation of:
Guests musicians:
Mathias Karlsen Björnstad
Jörgen Pettersson
Stockholms Saxofonkvarttet
Saxophone alto
Leif Karlborg
Stockholms Saxofonkvarttet
Saxophone ténor
Linn Persson
Stockholms Saxofonkvarttet
Saxophone baryton
8 étudiants saxophonistes
École de musique Schulich de l'Université McGill

Gesù Amphitheater

1200 Bleury Street
Montreal QC H3B 3J3


Regular: $35

Pre-sale: $18

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