Quasar saxophone quartet concludes the triptych of its Montreal series with a final concert event. With Cathédrale-Métal, Quasar offers a fusion of musical theatre, instrumental writing and performative sound installation. Breath, friction and digital effects will sequester the public in an industrial sanctuary that they will have to explore through a two-part journey.

First, welcomed into the Church, into an aerial and spiritual space, the public will be invited to discover two works created in Miami by Quasar last March. The pieces, by composers Jacob Sudol and Orlando Garcia, will blend the sounds of materials such as glass, rock and wind with saxophones. The public will then be invited to descend towards a more massive, heavy and imposing amphitheater in order to discover Ode au Métal, a work by Sonia Paço-Rocchia which will oppose large, treated steel sheets and their reverberations with the sounds of the saxophones of the quartet through real-time electronic musical processing.


The concert will be preceded by an Fiery Encounter at 7:00 pm at the Espace Custeau. These rpund table discussions, moderated by Philippe Leroux, aim to give the new music community a vital forum for exchange and debate.

Topics: Multidisciplinarity; collages or real encounter? Can music acheive its ambitiions?

Gesù Amphitheater

1200 Bleury Street
Montreal QC H3B 3J3