For two evenings only, Quasar is teaming up with the Bozzini Quartet and the duo Nous perçons les oreilles (Productions SuperMusique) to create a sound fresco in the image of new Montreal music. From a simple scratching to the deluge of a wall of audiovisual sensations, Cathédrale-Graffiti is a worshipping of the ephemeral, a flirtation with the forbidden.


The October 4th concert will be preceded by a Fiery Encounter at 7:00 pm at the Espace Custeau. These round table discussions, moderated by Philippe Leroux, aim to give the new music community a real forum for exchange and debate.

Topics: The academy, chapel, ivory tower VS folk arts, street museum...


Quasar saxophone quartet

Marie-Chantal Leclair: soprano saxophone
Mathieu Leclair: alto saxophone
André Leroux: tenor saxophone
Jean-Marc Bouchard: baritone saxophone

Bozzini string quartet

Clemens Merkel, Alissa Cheung: violins
Stéphanie Bozzini: viola
Isabelle Bozzini: cello

Ensemble SuperMusique 

Duo Joane Hétu and Alexandre St-Onge (October 4, 2018)

Joane Hétu: alto saxophone, voice, objects
Alexandre St-Onge: electric bass, electronics 

Duo Nous perçons les oreilles (October 5, 2018) 

Joane Hétu: alto saxophone, voice, objects
Jean Derome: alto saxophone, flute, objects 


About the In Vivo Series:

Since 2004, the In Vivo series has been the 'series of all possibilities', where written music, improvised music, open works and explosive scenarios are all wells that musicians can drink from - without bothering with labels. Under the artistic direction of Jean-Marc Bouchard, In Vivo gives rise to ardent encounters between Quasar and musicians from near and far, each one with a sparkling musical profile.


Gesù Amphitheater

1200 Bleury Street
Montreal QC H3B 3J3