Fluxus or not Fluxus


As part of CartelMTL and the Suoni per Il Popolo Festival.

First premiered in November 2013 at Western Front in Vancouver, this concert offers an echo, a resonance, to the famous art movement of the 1960s. Resolutely committed to the art of its own time, Quasar is freely inspired by it, responding to it with new works, and a "classic".

Virulent political criticism...games of chance... reinvented, crazy silent films... tributes to jazz; the links with the movement are multiple, both tangible and invisible. With the energy and commitment that characterizes the quartet, whether in acoustic or electronic mode, Quasar leads the way as independent and intrepid composers. Fluxus or Not Fluxus?


Latent/Patent II

pour quatuor de saxophones
(2013-2014) pour quatuor de saxophones et dispositif électroacoustique
pour quatuor de saxophones

Salle Tanna Schulich, Université McGill

555 Sherbrooke St. W
Montreal QC


$20 (regular),
$12 (student, member of Vivier)
Available online