American Tour, Part 1

Dalhousie/Shaterring the silence Festival


Quasar would like to thank the Council of arts and of letters of Québec for their support of this tour.

Dalhousie University, Halifax
January 28 2013

10:00am: Improvisation workshop with Jean-Marc Bouchard

1:00pm: Saxophone masterclass: students of Chris Mitchell

3:00pm: Reading of works by composers students of Jérôme Blais
5:00pm: Jazz masterclass with André Leroux

Shattering the Silence Festival
January 29 to February 4 2013 : Acadia University, Wolfville

January 30 : 4:30 pm
(Festival Theatre) Open Rehearsal with Michael Colgrass & Quasar

Feb. 1
10:30am Masterclass, extended techniques (Quasar), Festival Theatre

7:30pm: Quasar's recital : works by P. Leorux, L. Andriessen, M. Frigon, J. Butcher, D. Charke

Feb 2
9:00am: Saxophone masterclass with students of Dr. Stanley Fisher and Tristan de Borba

7:30pm : GALA concert with Quasar & Acadia Wind Ensemble: Michael Colgrass, Urban Requiem

Denton Auditorium, Acadia University

Wolfville NS