The Electro Series

A biennial event by Quasar
fostering exploration, collaboration
and the emergence of new ideas.

The 21st Century has seen technology come to the forefront of musical invention, as it has in other spheres. Digital processing in conjunction with acoustic instruments has given us a new form of art, here to stay and sure to evolve. With their passions for the music of our times and for sonic exploration, in 2003 Quasar set forth on a new adventure which would result in the inauguration of the em>Electro Series.


Workshops serving as veritable laboratories for new music.

A concert

A concert presenting the works of four composers, from here and elsewhere, whose styles, backgrounds and influences often vary greatly.

An event

A unique musical event bringing together the vibrant tonality of saxophones and the many possibilities offered by electronic music.

For Quasar, the em>Electro Series has, since 2010, been one of its major productions, as important as its seasonal concerts,
with the sole exception that the series is presented every other year.

The Electro Series, now in its 6th edition, continues to raise Montreal's profile
as an international  focal point for avant-garde music.



Workshops dedicated to exploring musical creation are held in the Fall while the compositions themselves are fully fleshed out in further workshops taking place the following Spring. The composers and the quartet meet daily over the course of an intense week of collaboration. The aim of this residency is to give composers the opportunity to experiment without any immediate constraints and to attain a concrete outcome. The workshops serve as creative incubators in which the most unexpected ideas may become the raw material for future works.

This experience is also a very rich one from the point of view of the performers: they are able to make manifest to the composers their instrumental proficiency and in return are allowed into  the composer's universe at the onset of the creative process. While the composer is developing a better awareness of what he or she may ask of the performers, they in turn are taking part in the very genesis of the work: a win-win situation.

This constitutes a veritable laboratory of creation which yields both an initial survey of the elements of the compositions to come during a public workshop, as well as a concert where the fully realized works are presented to the general public.