From Bach to Zappa!


Our From Bach to Zappa concert will take you on a ride aboard an eclectic spaceship that effortlessly crosses the light-years seperating baroque poise and postmodern irony. Along the journey we'll meet Alexander Glazounov, who granted us with the only romantic masterpiece for saxophones, and Will Gregory, whose work will drive the baritone sax in a state of wild frenzy. Montreal composers Gilles Tremblay and Michel Frigon will also be part of the adventure, as they open the gates of their fascinating soudscapes. All aboard!

Jean-Sébastien Bach, L'Art de la Fugue (excerpts)
Michel Frigon, Geyser Ghetto
Alexandre Glazounov, Quatuor op. 108
Will Gregory, Hoe Down
Gilles Tremblay, Levées
Frank Zappa, Zomby Woof
Frank Zappa, The Black Page # 1

November 18, 2010 - 8:00PM

L'Entrepôt Lachine

7 101, avenue de l'Alsace, Anjou, QC 514 493-8200