Électro Energico

Évolutions Series: Les lutheries numériques


Quasar saxophone quartet offers new perspectives on their instruments by presenting works with tape or with digital processing in real time. The selected pieces will explore specific aspects of sound while highlighting the magnificent flexibility of the instrument. In addition to the pieces for saxophone quartet and electronics by Michel Frigon and Dror Feller, you will be able to appreciate the talents as soloists of Marie-Chantal Leclair, Mathieu Leclair and André Leroux who will respectively perform the works of Zack Settel, Fabien Lévy and Jacob ter Veldhuis . Five saxophonists will join Quasar to create Endprint by composer Matthew Burtner. This work for nine tenor saxophones will be directed by Walter Boudreau, longtime accomplice of the quartet.

Guest conductor : Walter Boudreau
Guest saxophonists : Isabelle Choquette, Dave Clark, Kris Covlin, Jean-François Guay, Sylvain Houle

Winner of an Opus award: Concert of the year: new music, electroacoustics

A Quasar / Innovations en concert coproduction

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Matthew Burtner, Endprint (premiere; for nine tenor saxophones)
Michel Frigon, Pim'po (for saxophone quartet and tape)
Dror Feller, Anvils and Parachutes (for saxophone quartet and live electronics)
Fabien Lévy, L'air d'ailleurs-bicinium (for alto saxophone and electronics)
Zack Settel, Punjar (for soprano saxophone and live electronics)
Jacob ter Veldhuis, GRAB IT ! (for tenor saxophone and boombox)

September 27, 2006 - 8:30PM

Sala Rossa

4848 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

15 $ (10 $ presale)