Ofer Pelz (1978)

Ofer Pelz was born in Haifa (Israel) and lives in Montreal.
His music explores the  concept he defines as "unstable repetition" - repetitive fragments which always vary from repetition to repetition, all the while trying to keep a perceivable tension. Pelz composes music for diverse combinations of instruments and electroacoustic media, he is also an active improviser.
Ofer Pelz has studied composition and music theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Subsequently, Pelz moved to Paris for three years in order to participate in music technology and instrumental composition courses at the Conservatory of Blanc-Mesnil, the Paris Conservatory and IRCAM. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate and teaches at the University of Montreal.
The work of Ofer Pelz has been recognized by the reception of many international prizes including two ACUM awards and the Ernst Von Siemens Grant. His music is played regularly in Europe, USA, Canada and Israel in festivals such as Manifeste (IRCAM), La Biennale di Venezia, MATA Festival, Nuova Consonanza, and Heidelberger Biennale für Neue Musik. Meitar Ensemble, Cairn Ensemble, Ardeo String Quartet, The Israel Contemporary Players, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and Architek Percussion are among the ensembles that played Pelz's music. Pelz has collaborated with several dance choreographers, among them the French choreographer François Raffinot.

Ofer Pelz's works in Quasar's repertoire

Pour quatuor de saxophones

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