Quasar and le Vivier present : Chaleurs by Walter Boudreau

February 18th, 2022, 7:30 pm – $25 / $35
Espace Orange in the Wilder Building – 1435 Rue de Bleury, Montréal

Quasar saxophone quartet, in conjunction with Le Vivier Group, are presenting, on February 18th, Chaleurs, a masterpiece by venerated Quebec composer Walter Boudreau. The presentation will be in a hybrid format: as a webcast performance and, if public health guidelines permit, with members of the public both in attendance and encouraged to circulate among the performers.

Chaleurs is from Walter Boudreau's cycle inspired by the solar system entitled Le cercle gnostique. The work, lasting fifty minutes, requires performers capable of extreme virtuosity and physical and mental endurance. It was a challenge and an opportunity that the members of Quasar, with their undeniable ensemble abilities - forged from over twenty-five years of collaboration - took on with gusto, undaunted.

Much more than simply a monumental piece, this particular edition of Chaleurs is also an immersive experience staged by Maxime Genois and with contributions by a renowned group of artists who have come together to launch Quasar and its public on an interstellar adventure of extraordinary intensity.

“A true masterpiece, 880 bars of enchantment and of striking contrasts, with a compositional sophistication and mastery that transports both the performers and the listener. A milestone in the career of Quasar, who have been lucky enough to have had a number of them.”  - Marie-Chantal Leclair, soprano saxophonist and artistic director of Quasar

In addition to the public performance on February 18th, this concert is to be recorded and will form the second of a triptych of art films by Quasar devoted to creations by Canadian composers.

Chaleurs will be presented only once, in the Espace Orange of the Wilder Building and a live webcast on February 18, 2022 at 7:30pm.

Chaleurs, in concert, a project by:

Quasar saxophone quartet | Maxime Genois, staging | Marianne Lonergan, scenography | Flavie Lemée, lighting design | Guillaume Barrette, sound staging and recording | Xavier Madore – La Conserve Média, video recording | le Vivier Group, codistribution